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Training your dog how to potty can be a challenge. You need to be able to easily train them where and when to go. Of course, training your pet to use dog training pads is very useful, especially for residents of New York, New Jersey that lead a busy lifestyle. Having one place to contain the mess is a great option when it comes to using puppy pads. At PetsWorld, Inc. we offer a wide variety of training pads that range from extra-large dog training pads with maximum hold, ultra-hold and even premium adhesive tapes training pads. Whether you need extra-large puppy pads or extra-large wee wee pads, we have the pads you’re looking for all at excellent prices.

Easily Order Disposable Dog Pads Online from Us

At PetsWorld, Inc. we do everything we can to make it simple to order dog training pads from us online. We promise you will receive your order fast and easy. We will deliver them to your door and even offer auto shipment for standing orders to you don’t have to worry about remembering to order them at all! Not only can you shop from our variety of puppy pad options, we’ll also send your order to you absolutely free no matter the size. Our pet pads are perfect for pet owners, veterinary professionals and pet organizations. When you want only the highest of quality when it comes to dog pads, we sell the best on the market. You’ll benefit from our heavy absorbency, heavily discounted prices and extra-large professional training pad sizes. Order in bulk quantities today!

Stop Accidents in Their Tracks with Extra Large Dog Pee Pads

Accidents are a part of life, particularly when you have a pet. Training takes a lot of time and effort, and having a convenient solution on hand for those times where your puppy has an accident is crucial in protecting your home. PetsWorld Training Pads feature the most extensive range of extra large puppy pads that are designed to assist in the training of your big breed dog. With exceptional absorption and built with no-leak technology, you can easily keep your floors dry and enjoy peace of mind in your home.

Discover the Benefits of Extra Large Puppy Pads

Through training can be tough, there is no need to worry about the condition of your home. The extra large puppy pads designed by PetsWorld Training Pads feature the most outstanding absorption thanks to five layers of quilted material that can hold three to six cups of liquid while preventing tracking. All liquid is turned into gel immediately to prevent odors and leakage, and are perfect to line crates, beds or the floor. Suitable for puppies, elderly dogs or those with bladder control issues, our extra large dog pee pads provide the ultimate peace of mind for you and your furry friend.

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Say goodbye to accidents and pet urine odors with extra large dog pee pads by PetsWorld Training Pads.

Different Types of Training Pads We Offer Includes:

  • Training & Potty Pads 30x36
  • Training & Potty Pads 28x34
  • Training & Potty Pads 30x30
  • Training & Potty Pads 23x36
  • Training & Potty Pads 24x24
  • Training & Potty Pads 17x24

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