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As a Pet Supplies, we take care of your pet will be much easier with our Petsworld Dog Training Pads! These Enormous Dog Pads are soft and comfy while still being strong, durable, and leak-proof. Our high-quality materials are ideal for bigger figure doggies - and this is what makes it special! Petsworld Training Pads are designed: for using as a toilet for pets, for training puppies, and also effective in caring for any pets that require extra attention (pregnant, lactating, sick) pets, during long-term transportation. Petsworld pet pads have many advantages: It is the most effective and convenient way to teach your pet to the toilet. Provide immediate liquid absorption and neutralize unpleasant pet odors. Anti-bacterial treatment neutralizes bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. We confidently 12-hour protection. Prevent leakage, which allows the dog's paws to remain dry and keep the floor clean. Has a very durable composition. Odor neutralization: Anti-bacterial treatment in our puppy training pads neutralizes bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. Absorbent: The main difference from the standard (simple) pad is a double absorption. Our pet training pad can be effectively used for several days without losing its protective properties. Non-toxic: Puppy pads are non-toxic, non-allergenic, made of hypoallergenic materials. Quick-dry: With the Quick-Dry technology, the dog pads instantly absorb moisture, keeping the pet's paws dry and the floor clean. How to use: Spread the dog pads training in a convenient place, not on the doorway. Place your pet on this wee pad a few times - it needs to sniff it and get used to the smell. If the dog goes to the toilet in a different place, every time bring it to the pad, until the adult dog or puppy has a habit of going to the toilet to the potty pad. If necessary, replace contaminated pads with clean ones.