Economy Best Value Training & Potty Pads $49.99 - 300 Ct - 23x36 and Bundle with Dog Waste Bags + Dispenser (9 Rolls 180 Ct), Free Sample, Free Fast Delivery - PetsWorld Inc

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  • EXTRA LARGE PUPPY PADS: this pet training pad is perfect for dog and cat who live in apartments or dogs home alone. 23x36, 300 ct
  • OUR TOP SELLING PUPPY PAD IS A GREAT VALUE! with absorbent wee pad quilted top layer to prevent tracking for aging incontinent or sick pets.
  • QUILTED: SURFACE WITH BUILT-IN Polymer technology that turns liquid into gel and extra odor elimination. Line your pets bed, carrier or crate.
  • WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, Protect Your Floors and These Pads are up to 50% less expensive!

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