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Size:Two Dogs

PetsWorld Dog Training Collar is exclusively designed to help professional dog trainers as well as first time pet owners to have their dogs trained in the matter of days. Once there is an understanding of how dogs think, people can do a better job of training them. It comes with 0-16 Levels of customization for Static, Vibration, and Beep Mode, you can choose according to the instructions or the actual needs of your dog. Automatic protection - an automatic protection mode to deactivate the collar if activated 7 times in 1 minute then back to work in one minutes. Waterproof collar - That is suitable for all of your dog's indoor and outdoor activities. If you need to adjust the strap and cut the redundant part of it, heat the end of the strap with a lighter, in case it get a raw edge. Three humane training modes with 16 adjustable levels. Both the receiver and remote are rechargeable and 100% waterproof. Quickly and effectively train up to 2 dogs at the same time from up to 650 yards away. Helps correct barking, wandering off, aggressive leash pulling, approaching strangers and more. Easy to distinguish buttons can be operated blindly by touch. Safe for all breeds and sizes, from 10 to 120 lbs