Heavy Absorbent Training Puppy Pads (17x24)

Heavy Absorbent Training Pads

Considered our premium training pads, our Heavy Absorbent Training Pads are able to hold 200% more liquid than the average training pads. These pads measure 17 X 24 inches and are offered in quantities of 100, 200 or 300 pads per case. Our pads are great training tools for puppies due to the built-in attractor, while the added odor neutralizer helps alleviate the worry of foul smells throughout the home. The super absorbent 5 layer core allows up to 3 cups of liquid to be absorbed before the pad needs to be disposed of. Due to the smaller size than our other pads, we recommend this best used with smaller litters of puppies, a few small dogs or a single medium sized dog.

When to Use Our Pads

Since our pads have an ultra-absorbent core that turns urine into gel when it comes into contact with it, our pads work exceptionally well while you are away from home for extended amounts of time. They also provide a handy tool when a personal yard is not available to let the dogs out or are unable to take the dog out for a walk. Thanks to the high absorbency, the clean up is a breeze. Whether you are crate training your new puppy, potty training a litter, going on a trip with your pup or are simply away for an extended time, these pads are the right ones for you.

Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in being the leading company in the training pad industry. We provide you with the highest quality pads at the cheapest prices. It is thanks to our low prices, ability for you to save when buying bulk, along with fast and free shipping, that we have a 95% customer satisfaction rating for these pads. If you have any questions or concerns about our product, please contact our representatives at (844) 777-6970.

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