Great Dane's Jumbo Dog Training Pads (36x36)

Training Pads for Big Dogs

Having a large dog such as a Great Dane proposes challenges all its own, particularly when it comes to training. Finding a high quality pad at a large enough size for a Great Dane can prove to be a challenge. At Pet Pads, we have affordable options for dogs of any size to lead your training experience.

High Quality Affordable and Large Sized Pads in Bulk

At Pet Pads, we are a top supplier of durable training pads to both individuals and veterinary professionals around the United States. Our Great Dane’s Jumbo Dog Training Pads are 36 inches by 36 inches and are 5 Layers thick. They are able to hold up to 6 cups of liquid with a quilted top layer meant to prevent tracking, with a quick-dry guarantee for easy clean up and dry floors. The pads have polymer insides that quickly turn liquid to gel and allows for the elimination of any odors, making it perfect for long time use. Available in bulk, our extra-large pads come in 50CT, 100 CT and 150 CT denominations, these pads are 200% more absorbent than any other training pad.

Online Ordering of Bulk Training Pads with Discounts

We provide excellent discounts for bulk purchase of our Great Dane’s Jumbo Dog Training Pads, and even more savings when you enable auto-shipping. We offer free fast shipping with no minimums, and an easy return for all unused product within 30 days of ordering. Our online store makes ordering quick and easy and you can contact our customer service team at (844) 777-6970 or by email at with any questions.

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