Carbon Activated Puppy Pads

Why Choose Our Activated Carbon Puppy Pads?

Our carbon activated puppy pads are very unique to the industry. We carry them in two sizes, 30x30 inches and 28x34 inches, and both sizes come in boxes of 150 count. These absorbent pads hold more than 5 cups of liquid and contain black carbon technology which absorbs the odors of your dogs’ urine, eliminating any unpleasant smells. This unique feature also includes an extra super-absorbent quilted top layer which keeps your pets from tracking the black carbon around your home.

The Perfect Time to Use Our Pads

If you have a medium to large size dog, a litter of puppies, or a sick or elderly dog that has restricted movement, these pads are great for you. Many of our clients purchase from us when they lack the ability to regularly let their pets outside or take them for walks. They are also often utilized in potty training, crate training, during travel, or times when you will simply be away from your pet for extended periods of time.

94% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are highly satisfied with our low prices, quick, free delivery and the way our products work for them. We provide each of our customers the opportunity to order a free sample of our product just by filling out their information and selecting which product they would like to test. Note that there is only one free sample per customer. If you have any questions about your product please call us at (844) 777-6970.

Not sure which PAD is right for your dog?